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My first encounter with the work of J.R.R. Tolkien was in junior high. It was a Saturday, and as I was cleaning my room, I was listening to a radio production of The Hobbit. One moment shines in my memory as brightly as the sun shining through my window that morning, as the story on the radio swept me out of my world and onto a journey with Bilbo Baggins. This was my first encounter with epic fantasy, and in that suspended, sun-drenched moment, a new strand was integrated into my psychological DNA.

Unexpected Intersections

unexpected |   un-ex-pect-ed Definition of unexpected not expected; unforeseen intersection |  in-ter-sec-tion Definition of  intersection a : the set of elements common to two or more sets b : the operation of finding the intersection of two or more sets Unexpected Intersections |  un-ex-pect-ed   in-ter-sec-tions Definition of unexpected intersections a blog about the connections between my life and the books, short fiction or poetry I've read, with occasional digressions about languages and etymology.